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Armando Cimolai, after a working experience as a labourer, in 1949 decides that the time is ripe to start his own business; with Albina, his young wife, he opens a small laboratory for the production of steel gates and windows. These are the first years after the Second World War and the “want to do” spirit animates in a fundamental manner the lives of Armando and Albina in finding a position in the working world.


Not so many years elapse before the first development of an industrial type takes place with the activity being transferred in Viale Grigoletti in 1954. Fabrication of the first structures for industrial buildings starts up and the first projects from public entities such as ENEL are awarded.


Cimolai is a major steel manufacturer in Italy and abroad highly specialized in manufacturing bridges and viaducts, industrial and civil buildings, military infrastructures, normal and special plate girders for the off-shores and ship building industries, stainless steel bulkheads for chemical tankers polygonal and cylindrical poles for telecommunication and power lines, pipes of great diameter and wall thickness and ship hulls.




Cimolai has got various workshops: three are located in the province of Pordenone (Italy), three in the province of Udine (Italy), one is situated in Monfalcone (Italy), one is in Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela) and one is the Zwahlen & Mayr SA in Switzerland.

Synthesis Data

The growing path achieved by the company during last years is documented by the summary charts which show data about human resources, production, turnover and investments.

Certifications & Qualifications

The companies of the Cimolai Group have received recognitions for the importance and quality level of certain project performer in Italy and abroad.


Technicians and labourers are qualified by some of the most important inspection/testing agenzie:
Lloyds Register of Shipping

Code of Ethics

Model of organization, management and control adopted by CIMOLAI S.p.A.


Policies and Certificates